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Delo Grease EP

Delo® Grease EP 2 is a premium performance technically advanced multipurpose automotive and industrial EP grease designed for superior performance under harsh conditions.

Available in NLGI grades 00, 0, 1, 2

Delo Heavy Duty EP

Delo® Heavy Duty EP is a multipurpose, high performance products specially formulated for plain and anti-friction bearing applications operating under high stress/high load conditions, coupled with high ambient temperatures typically found in heavy duty off-road applications. Developed as a true contractors product, this line of grease was specifically designed to lubricate and protect equipment that is subjected to demanding conditions.

Marfak Multipurpose

Marfak® Multipurpose is a general purpose grease containing an ISO 220 mineral base oil, a lithium thickener and oxidation inhibitor for use in automotive and industrial applications where specialized products such as EP greases are not required.

Delo Grease ESI

Delo® Grease ESI is a technically advanced, extended service premium grease for a wide variety of on-highway and light duty offroad applications. 

Delo Starplex EP

Delo® Starplex EP is a premium, multipurpose EP automotive wheel bearing and chassis grease containing an ISO 220 mineral base oil, a lithium complex thickener, EP additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors and tackiness additives. Dark red in color. 

Delo Synthetic Grease SF

Delo® Synthetic Grease SF is a high performance grease specifically engineered for trailer wheelends operating in a wide range of conditions.

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