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Taro 30 DP

Taro® 30 DP is a moderately high alkaline reserve (30 Base Number) trunk piston engine oil (TPEO) designed for use in high specific output mediumspeed trunk piston engines burning residual fuels (up to 4.0% sulfur). 

Taro Special HT 70

Taro® Special HT 70 is a high-performance 70 BN SAE 50 cylinder lubricant intended for lubricating slow-speed engines at very high mechanical and thermal loads. It is blended from highly refined, paraffinic base oils and carefully selected additives to provide superior ring and liner wear protection and excellent piston cleanliness in slow-speed crosshead engines

Taro Special HT LS 40

Taro® Special HT LS 40 is a high-performance 40 BN SAE 50 cylinder lubricant particularly intended for cylinder lubrication of the latest generation crosshead engines using low sulphur fuel (<1.5 to 2 wt% sulphur) and operating at very high mechanical and thermal loads reaching up to 160 bar in maximum cylinder pressure and up to 270 degrees Celsius in liner temperature at top dead centre.

Veritas 800 Marine Oil

Veritas 800 Marine is a premium quality, alkaline diesel engine oil designed for crankcase (system) lubrication of large, low speed diesel engines in marine and stationary applications